Residential Compound Cosmopolis started from a dream, the dream of creating a residential compound encompassing all the benefits of a European town. Thus, in 2007 The European Town Cosmopolis came to life, a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, green spaces and civilized neighbors. Cosmopolis offers a private beach on the lake and 7 pools, so that you can relax on the hot summer days. Also while the ladies spend their time at the beauty salon, misters can go and relax practicing sport games, because in Cosmopolis there are basketball and tennis court. In your free time you can relax taking a walk in the park or admiring the compound special design with turquoise unique roofs, or go at the horseback riding center or enjoying your favorite pizza at the restaurant from the compound. Residential Compound Cosmopolis offers access to supermarket, pharmacy, primary school, car wash and last but not least transport for Cosmopolis inhabitants. In the Residential Compound Cosmopolis the access is controlled and the security provided by BGS is 24/24. In this moment over 4500 Cosmopolis inhabitants enjoy a special life style, in a place where 60% green areas, 40% town is an accomplished promise. We offer you a wide range of properties, studios, 2 rooms apartments, 3 rooms apartments and villas in Cosmopolis. The price range is 700 euro/ built sqm, varying depending on the floor and building type, all the finishes being included. All Cosmopolis estates are new, and only high quality materials are used, thus there is no seismic risk. Everything in Cosmopolis is new, the kindergarten and primary school also being built at the highest safety standards so that you don't have to worry about your kids during the day. After purchasing a property in Cosmopolis you can benefit of “after-sales” service on which you can rely in administrative matters. The Residential Compound Cosmopolis is presently considered because of all the features, advantages and services offered, the most prolific and appreciated Romanian real estate project. We are expecting you in Cosmopolis to discover a special real estate project which offers its inhabitants a different way of life- a true European city!

Location Cosmopolis


Gabriel Voicu

Mobile phone: 0735 507 000

Landline: 0040 37 215 45 00

Email: gabriel.voicu@opus.com.ro

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