Why Cosmopolis and not another residential compound?

If you want a special lifestyle, in a true European city, a place where you can enjoy peace and quiet, green spaces and civilized neighbors, the Residential Compound Cosmopolis is the perfect place for you. If you are tired of spending hours in traffic in order to get to the gym, salon, tennis court, to a restaurant or to a pool/ beach, or you just don't want to worry about the kids being far from home to the kindergarten and primary school is time to come and visit Cosmopolis, the real estate compound that brings all this facilities close to your home so you can live a quiet, healthy and happy life.

How do I get in Cosmopolis?

Cosmopolis is located in the N-E side of Bucharest, on the ring road, at only 800 m from Bucharest- Ploiesti highway and between the two bridges Pipera-Tunari and Stefanestii de Jos. The exceptional location of the Residential Compound Cosmopolis gives the benefit of an easy access to the ring road , to Coanda International Airport and Baneasa Airport and last but not least quick access to Pipera area. Being very close to the Bucharest-Brasov highway and DN1 if you want to leave outside the locality, you can easily avoid the Bucharest rush.

Who supports me to buy a property in Cosmopolis ?

The Cosmopolis sales team will help you to select a property based on your preferences. All you have to do is complete the form on www.cosmopolis.ro or contact us at the following number: 0735 507 000.

How many people lives in Cosmopolis?

4500 Cosmopolis inhabitants already benefit of the holiday atmosphere in a harmonious environment with high civilization. Modern facilities are meant to enchant and complete people's comfort.

Considering how many facilities Cosmopolis offers , how much does the maintenance costs?

We are proud to announce that the maintenance cost in Cosmopolis is among the cheapest in the market, especially comparing with an old building that has no facility. Maintenance in Cosmopolis is around 210 Ron, in this sum being included: security, cleaning, maintenance of green spaces, maintenance and pool access, a transport subscription, the consumed water, picking up the garbage, public lighting etc.

How many payment option are in Cosmopolis?

Option 1

You can buy through first home program, with a minimum advance of 5% or any other mortgage type. Especially for the Cosmopolis clients we concluded various partnerships with banks to facilitate access to credit with preferential conditions. Also we have a partnership with a credit broker called Credit Bonus, that offers free financial consultation searching and analyzing all credit offers in order to find the one that benefits you best.

Option 2

Make a full payment and you can negotiate the property price, and also benefit of special discounts and special services.

Option 3

Rates from developer on a 60 months period with a minimum of a 25% advance.

How is the transportation to and from Cosmopolis?

Cosmopolis transport: first we started with a route to Pipera subway, and now we have routes to Aurel Vlaicu subway, Baneasa Mall, and some buses also goes on Andronache Street in Colentina in order to easy the access for the persons that goes in this area. A Cosmopolis – Pipera route subway takes 20 minutes. You can find the full program here: http://cosmopolis.ro/amplasare.php#program_transport

Is it crowded at the Cosmopolis pool?

There are 7 pools in Cosmopolis, the last one being finalized this year, the last one having also a beach near the lake. The pool access in Cosmopolis is made based on the access bracelet received by all the inhabitants, in this way the access of outsiders being restricted.

Who developed the Residential Compound Cosmopolis?

Opus Land Development the developer of Cosmopolis, is a part of a group of companies owned by the Turkish family Buyukhanli, one of the oldest and best experienced real estate developer in Turkey if we take into account that they started their activity in the construction area in 1956. This group constructed thousands of apartments and hotel rooms. Opus Land Development has recently finalized a real estate project in Barbaros Besiktas with 30 floors and build on a 40000 sqm area.

Are there any playgrounds in Cosmopolis?

Facilities for kids in Cosmopolis: kindergarten, sport field, special arranged playgrounds.

What is the seismic risk in Cosmopolis?

The seismic risk in Cosmopolis is zero, all the Cosmopolis inhabitants being safe in case of an earthquake. Also, not only the houses are secure in Cosmopolis but all the buildings being new.


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