Cosmopolis residential complex was designed under the sign of elegance, the entire emplacement offering a breathtaking view. The design of the whole ensemble is a very special and original one, the roofs, with a unique turquoise color, successfully contributing to the neighborhood view giving it a European breath and making it hard to miss. The Cosmopolis view attracted many Romanian artists who came here to film music videos. Lakeside beach also offers a special view any time of the day or season. The 7 pools in the Cosmopolis residential complex complete the picture giving it the appearance of a holiday resort.

Designed and built to provide relaxation and comfort to its inhabitants, Cosmopolis residential complex offers a variety of facilities so that you can disconnect from everything and forget all worries and problems near home in a special place.

Cosmopolis apartments are designed so that you can personalize them in the original way that characterizes you.


Gabriel Voicu

Mobile phone: 0735 507 000

Landline: 0040 37 215 45 00


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