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Facilities - Children

Primary school

We also took into consideration building a school for the young ones. Entries in classes I-IV are made each year at primary school Cosmoplis. Quality education close to home and close to you.


Hours of fun

After school, children will surely find their friends in places created specially for them: two green parks and two large playgrounds. And during the summer, the pools for children up to 4 years will be the favorite playing destinations.


Center for future artists

Begining with 2015, we founded in Cosmpolis  Artitudes, a center for artistic activities, within which all residents can participate to piano lessons, guitar, percussion, streetdance, ballet, singing and theater.


Junior School Kindergarden

Cosmopolis community grows every day and we are talking mostly about the little inhabitants of the complex. For them they have access to a private kindergarten near the house, which can accommodate every morning up to 150 preschoolers.