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Facilities - Leisure

The first mall inside a residential complex

For the first time in Romania, we built the first strip mall inside a residential complex. Located in the middle of the complex, it has its own parking with 70 places, with clothes and accessories shops, restaurants, leisure areas and many other facilities.


To the beach, close to home

During the summer, you don’t need to go far from home to have fun and relaxation under the sun. In Cosmoplis you can find seven public pools, a beach and a wonderful beach bar on the natural lake.


Restaurants and cafes

Traditional or international cuisine? You can choose your favorite restaurant in Cosmopolis. Same  with the cafes, all are close to you and have made menus for your taste.


Health and beauty

How are you taking care of your health and beauty without having to go too far from home? The two beauty salons and pharmacies are within reach of the complex and offers everything you need for care.



In any season, the two parks in Cosmopolis residential complex are perfect for walking or playing with children. Read a book or a magazine on one of the most rearward banks  or socialize with neighbors while playing a ping pong game.