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Facilities - Shopping

Cosmopolis Plaza

For the first time in Romania, we built the first strip mall inside a residential complex. Located in the middle of the complex, it has its own parking with 70 places, with clothes and accessories shops, restaurants, leisure areas and many other facilities.



Whether you have an emergency in the kitchen or you have to shop for the entire family for the next week, in the supermarket Cosmopolis Plaza you’ll find a wide range of food and beverages, fresh fruits and vegetables at the best value for money. If time does not allow you to cook, we are waiting for you with freshly cooked food,right from the oven and a lot of other products for your home.


Traditional and international specialties shops

Whether you’re a true foodie or you just prefer to eat more natural, you will definitely find something for you in our traditional stores, grocery or butcher in Cosmopolis Plaza. Also, you will find chosen sweets, with Romanian or Turkish specific, fresh coffee and last but not least, a wine cellar with wines.



Cosmopolis Pharmacy, inside the residential complex, offers residents a full range of medications, dermo-cosmetic products and baby products, all of them close to you.



Who says you have to go far from home to shop for the little ones? In the dedicated store in Cosmopolis Plaza you will find both products for newborns in a wide variety of articles and games, creative and educational toys for children aged between 0-10 years. The range consists of both known products and brands on the Romanian market, as well as products imported by us from external suppliers at the best prices in Romania.


Dry cleaning and tailoring clothes

In Cosmopolis Plaza you can also benefit from the highest quality cleaning services. Meanwhile,in the tailoring shop you can edit any type of clothes and offer a new look to old clothes. Also, here you can sew and short curtains and drapes.


Petshop and veterinary clinic

Neither for your family animals you do not have to go too far. The veterinary clinic is closer than you think, in Cosmopolis Plaza. In the same location you’ll find both feed and accessories.